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its a bloody rip off really, spending a shed load of cash on the bike and they want to rip you you off for a 10th of the cost of the bike for a silencer.
going to tell you a true story now, I owned a Harley fat bob a few years ago, and wanted a set of levers for it, ones with little skulls set on the ends, so I go to the local Harley stealership and find them for £128 for the pair. I thought to my self i'm not paying that.
I went home and found the exact same ones for £16 delivered to my house, granted they were Chinese but no different to the genuine Chinese Harley ones.
It would be nice if Mr Ducati said hey these guys have just spent all that money on one of our bikes lets give him a nice discount on parts.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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