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Slipping clutch after 5/6 false neutral

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'21 Desert Sled with 20k miles, was riding yesterday & hit the infamous "false neutral" between 5/6 on the hwy. Normally no biggie, re-shift & gtg but yesterday immediately after the false neutral my clutch will no longer engage & is slipping in every gear (no power). Outside of fully servicing the clutch to check out the plates & holder, any quick things to check externally such as clutch cable etc? Just such a weird random one, not sure where to start. I would say clutch could be shot too but have had 0 slippage or any issues really up to this point so unsure if the break would be that abrupt. Love a few ideas to track down, thanks y'all!
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I'd check the cable adjustment first since that is easiest. Or maybe your clutch is hydraulic? At 20kmi you might be looking at replacing plates, but sudden failure is probably not plates.
Almost sounds like the hydraulic clutch is getting stuck and isn’t fully releasing to engage the clutch.
When you pull the clutch lever in, is the first inch or so of pull feeling lighter than normal or does it give the same resistance as it did before this happened?
Sounds like you are still in a false neutral position. I have hit false neutral between every position, not just 5/6. My most common is 4/5. Try rolling the bike engine off and shifting up and down through the gears without touching the clutch. Go all the way 1-2-3-4-5-6 and 6-5-4-3-2-1. That would be the first step. Next step would be to pull the clutch cover.
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