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Smog Block Off Plates? (full exhaust + mwr air box mod)

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Hello All.

I will be pulling the trigger on a Scrambler very soon. I've owned several Ducati bikes (race+street) and this will be a fun project for the street and occasional track days.

Here's what I'm planning on doing:
Full exhaust (probably SC)
MWR power up kit (filter + air box modification)
Rexxer ECU reflash (plugging 02 sensors)

I have access to a dyno, so tuning won't be an issue. If I feel the need to add a Powercommander, so be it. I've had great results with Rexxer in the past, so no worries there.

I haven't seen any companies offering smog block off plates for the Scrambler. Any ideas???

Plenty of companies making smog block off plates for the Panigales and other SBK's....which is to be expected. I just think that there haven't been many people really tuning and trying to get the max out of the Scrambler. And for good reason too.....most don't view it as that type of bike and others are concerned about emissions, etc.

I'm just not that guy. I'm all about trying to get everything out of this bike. Next winter I'll build the motor, but for this year I'm going to enjoy it with a pipe, de-restricted air box, and gearing change.

Constructive Feedback is welcome!
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I was wondering what the heck's a smog block off plate but I see that it's to remove the air pump into the exhaust. Frankly I don't see the point. The air pump can be disabled electrically but it will make no difference to the power. Removing it will enable you to accurately measure the AFR if your into tuning I suppose.
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