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Snatchy throttle

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Do the new Scramblers have the same snatchy throttle as the older ones? Reason I ask is that I took mine for its Desmo service and was just asking the dealer how he found the bike and whether new owners had problems with stiff suspension/snatchy throttle as was widely experienced with last year's models.

He told me he found the bike to be soft in both throttle and suspension, so I wondered if Ducati had tweaked anything. When I went to pick up the bike, he asked me if I'd had it remapped as it has really sharp acceleration and goes like the clappers! I said no that's how it's always been, aren't they all like that? To which he replied no! So just wondering .. :huh:
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I wish I could ride one of the "snatchy" throttles to see what people are talking about. I seemed to have lucked out
It's a Myth! All down to hand coordination. You have to train your hand and brain.
Not trying to be dismissive of people's experiences - I'm sure many of the people with this complaint have plenty of experience to draw upon in making their assessment of the throttle. That said, one of the workers from the dealership I bought my bike from, someone who has had a chance to try out many different Scramblers, said something similar. He said something about people probably just being used to revving hard on throttles, making it more about their expectations. Of course, it's difficult to ignore the complaints that come from people who ride bikes with bigger engines.
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