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Snatchy throttle

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Do the new Scramblers have the same snatchy throttle as the older ones? Reason I ask is that I took mine for its Desmo service and was just asking the dealer how he found the bike and whether new owners had problems with stiff suspension/snatchy throttle as was widely experienced with last year's models.

He told me he found the bike to be soft in both throttle and suspension, so I wondered if Ducati had tweaked anything. When I went to pick up the bike, he asked me if I'd had it remapped as it has really sharp acceleration and goes like the clappers! I said no that's how it's always been, aren't they all like that? To which he replied no! So just wondering .. :huh:
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My bike is a 2016 model and during the first couple of weeks, and couple of hundred miles of ownership I hated the throttle response.
It was way too snatchy and didn't inspire any confidence at all.

I ride the bike everyday and have noticed everything bedding in nicely and the bike loosening up over the following 1000+ miles I've done.
I have to say that there is zero snatchyness from the throttle, and I love its response!

Now that may be due to me riding it daily and getting used to its snatchyness and compensating my riding style to take it in to account?
Or it could be down to the mileage increasing on the bike and it bedding in?

Who knows? All I know is that I love every single mile I do on this little bruiser.

By the way, if anyone in the north east of England do have an issue with their throttle response / snatchyness. I am more than happy to meet up for a ride out and for you to have a ride of mine to compare back to back with your bike.
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