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Snatchy throttle

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Do the new Scramblers have the same snatchy throttle as the older ones? Reason I ask is that I took mine for its Desmo service and was just asking the dealer how he found the bike and whether new owners had problems with stiff suspension/snatchy throttle as was widely experienced with last year's models.

He told me he found the bike to be soft in both throttle and suspension, so I wondered if Ducati had tweaked anything. When I went to pick up the bike, he asked me if I'd had it remapped as it has really sharp acceleration and goes like the clappers! I said no that's how it's always been, aren't they all like that? To which he replied no! So just wondering .. :huh:
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I'm actually not too bothered about it, I've got used to it! I was just wondering if the later bikes had the same quirk :)
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