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Nitron shock £466.80
Evotech crash bungs £79.99
Seat sculpted £65
Panels powder coated £30
Frame plugs £8
New grips £6
New levers £25.49
Dart screen £79.95
Rear rack £82.50

Total extra spend: £843.73 (not including certain items of clothing :D)

So including cost of bike £7030 = £7873.73

Probably one more mod which will be the front forks which will take it over £8k and if they made a tank for it that gave it extra capacity without ruining it's looks, I'd go for that too!

I wouldn't consider getting a higher spec bike because there aren't many (any??) out there that suit me so well! If I can get this bike to as near perfect for my needs (and it is nearly) it's money well spent :)
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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