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I sold my scrambler a couple years ago and I kept this Spark exhaust. It's basically new in the box with less than 500 miles traveled with it. I'm located in Iowa and would want to ship this only to the USA.

My quick review is that it's really high quality stainless steel and it sounded great with the quiet insert (and ran great.) With the silent insert out it sounded awesome but you'd probably want to re-map your bike. It can cause it to stall before it's warmed up if you come up to a stop sign quickly. I've got a video showing off the different sounds if anyone is interested. I kept it in case I got another Scrambler, but that's not gonna happen for a while. I sold my bike with the Scorpion exhaust which sounded about the same but was built to a lower quality level. The Spark is top level stuff. These were priced at about 900 new when I got this.

So I'm thinking about 600 bucks shipped within the lower 48? Let me know if you're seriously interested. Thanks!

Here's a couple of photos of it on my bike:

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