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Will be changing my plugs for the first time...looking for a little guidance.

1) I'll be using the NGK DCPR8E (NOT looking for plug recommendations. I understand there are alternatives)

2) When removing the original plugs, if it "feels" seized, any recommendations on how to safely remove the plug? I don't believe this will be the case but just to be prepared.

3) Saw something about gap measurements. Workshop manual doesn't mention anything about this. Do recommended plugs come with incorrect or random gap measurements that need to be adjusted with a gap gauge?

4) Planning to put some Permatex Copper anti seize compound on the plug thread. Is this ok?

5) Some recommend dielectric grease in the plug boot? Is this a good idea? Necessary?

6) What is the torque spec for plugs? Again, nothing mentioned in the manual, just says must be "securely installed".

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I've never changed plugs on anything before.

I do have a guide to check the condition of my stock plugs to see how the engine is running and I'll be doing just that.

My bike is a 2016 and has just over 16,000 km on it. I'll be changing the plugs in the Spring when I get my bike ready for the upcoming riding season.

Thank you.
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