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Hi guys. Just thought I would share some information regarding taking off and fitting DP Scrambler Enhanced Billet Aluminium Parts or maybe you just fancy painting or hydro transferring it with a different finish like carbon.

Anyhow its dead simple if you want to.

Ignition off and remove the 3 M5 caphead bolts with a 4mm key. Plastic bottom cover comes off.

Next remove the bottom cover and unplug connector by simply pushing in clip and clamp lever comes up.

Put safe on a surface

You can see 8 screws and 4 of them are deep recessed. These are the ones you need to remove with a T6 TORX screwdriver. NOT an Allen Key. I had to go and buy one as never had one that small.

Undo the 4 screws and note these threads are for plastic as to why the Billet one comes with new stainless screws with a fine thread.

Gently lever up the silver painted plastic trim with a finger nail or something that is thin but blunt .

Then you get your £105 new ring and fit it in reverse

Replace with the 4 new screws if not refitting plastic part with your T6 Torx driver

And then refit the speedometer back to bike clipping the connector until it clicks. Refit the bottom cup ( I have a Billet one coming sometime ordered together but not here yet, That's also £105 too
) with the 3 Allen screws and stand back and admire the work. Hmm its very old skool likey lots.

Test your speedo works.

Job done.

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I'm going to change the panels to Black too. Will look better with the Red and tank sticker (also black)
Going to fit the Urban decals as they have a Red Cross
Have quite a collection now of bits but still no bike to put them on. The weather is amazing at the moment. Just hope it continue into the summer!

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Albie, many thanks for the detailed instructions, just about to fit the same. The 4 torx screws would have definitely been a head scratcher without your clear photos and insight.
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