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I put silver reflective rim tapes on mine. I would have preferred a less black version of the scrambler and this helped a bit. Maybe some day I'll have the rims stripped and anodized silver. I have a Classic so that would look pretty nice in my opinion. But not worth the expense until they need re-lacing.

The tape is definitely a bit tacky. The CTE of the tape and rim are so different that eventually you get places where the tape isn't stuck down for ~1/8" or so. But you don't see that unless you look very closely. And the reflective effect has to help at night with all those idiots texting and driving these days.

Depends on what you want and whether you intend to ride the bike or just show it. Mine is never perfect, but it gets a few miles and is loads of fun.

Enjoy, Phil
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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