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Hi, and welcome to the forum

I have the Icon and use it commute from SE London to The City every day. This is the first geared bike I have ridden since being a teenager, Previously to that I commuted on a 250 Vespa for 5 years until some **** stole it.

In terms of size and weight it makes for a good commuter - it's light an agile enough to manoever around easily in traffic. Being a twin and having a bit of a snatchy throttle it can take a couple of weeks to really get used to. Things smoothed out a lot after the first service.

After four months of riding I'm really pleased with my choice. It's a fun bike to ride, especially if you decide to take it out of London on weekends.

I had considered the MT07, but in retrospect I didn't get one. The scrambler is better looking, more fun and has way more options when it comes to customisation. The MT07 suspension is also looser than a wizard's sleeve.

I think if you went for a 400/500 you would probably want to ditch it after 6 months and upgrade so I think an 800 is a good option.

I guess I'm now a bit biased as I really lover the Scrambler, but that's my 2 pence worth.

Good luck!
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