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Summer came today!

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Made the most of it as it will probably be gone tomorrow - met up with Graham (Elvisto), Steve (Cag) and their yellow Icons at the Ponderosa, Horseshoe Pass, Wales. The Icons are getting to be a common sight there! :semi-twins:

We had a little run to Bala with Graham's brother, his wife and a friend of mine. Our Scramblers got lots of interest (especially mine ;):D )

At Bala Lake

My camera took this on it's own! o_O

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You guys are having all the fun.

Save some for me...

Any day now for my Classic.
Great bikes, great roads, great weather, happy bikers.

Good to meet up, natter and put three bikes together for comparison. Will be round and about there next Wednesday if anyone wants to meet up.
Nice pics Gill, :) Thanks for your company guys, I think we had a great day out, :rolleyes:

Let's hope summer lasts till next week so we can do it all over again :D

That's a great pic of the new jacket Gill ;)
Yep was a good day - well summer's gone for a bit - pouring down today! I'll be there next Wed if it returns :)
I have a funeral to attend Wednesday, So I'm afraid I'll not be there, :(
Graham let me know if you want the Ponderosa take away delivering on Wednesday. Steve
Can do if you need the steak pie. Would be cold when I got there
You all are making me jealous and hungry all at the same time! Just kidding, nothing better than bikes and good buddies.

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I have a funeral to attend Wednesday, So I'm afraid I'll not be there, :(
I saw a photo of you with a trike, you're NOT built like the gable end of a pound note, so I reckon if you miss one steak pie you won't get Bulimia Nervosa.

I have a Pal called 'The Big Ronnie' clues in the title.
He said to me one day " Hughie, I reckon I've got Bulimia"
I said, what makes you think that Ron ?
He said when he looks in the mirror in the morning all he sees is a fat Bstd looking back.
Will be up at the Ponderosa Wednesday about midday if anyone's out would be great to meet up. Chance of cloud so will have my umbrella mount fitted to the handlebars with the combined ashtray. You can't miss this special modification in black or chrome from Acme Engineering.
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