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I spun a bearing in my original 2013 Icon Classic so I replaced the motor with a low mileage donor from a bike with front end damage.

The swap went ok and the bike fires and runs pretty good, but now during acceleration in first gear it surges quite unpredictably.

This bike has always been massively torquey and a bit of a bear at low speeds but I mostly attributed that to the tune. Now with the new engine it's nigh undrivable. You'll crack the throttle and it'll either stall in a dead spot or take you slowly off the line if you baby it. Then midway through all of a sudden ALL the power you should have shows up. If you're not careful it'll throw you clear off the back of the bike.

My clutch isn't catching or slipping, I just reviewed the cable and how it's adjusted.

I did no computer changes when swapping this engine and the bike as it is is set up with the factory enhanced tune. I think this could be messing with the map and causing this weirdness. I have my DDS key in the basement, how do I swap the maps? Anyone think this is a good line of thought? Any other ideas? Second working theory is I messed up something in the intake during the swap.
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