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Hi All

For those of you that have fitted the Andreani front fork cartridges and the Ohlins rear shock.

What settings are you running on them?


Compression - Number clicks / turns
Rebound - Number clicks / turns


Rebound - Number clicks / turns
Preload (distance of thread showing behind second locking washer)

Also an idea of your weight - if your too modest just small / medium / large / XL will be fine.

My forks are being worked on now at FTR Suspension in Essex (thanks Elvisto for the advice).

Hope to have them all back and fitted Saturday along with new Ohlins Rear Shock - so would be nice to know where you are as a starting point.

I like a smooth precise ride - I ride my Multistrada in Touring - much prefer the ride to sport mode.


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Had my forks worked on this week at FTR Suspension in Essex.

I took them off and posted them on Monday - they received them Tuesday.

Worked on them Wednesday - fitted the Andreani Cartridges and posted them back along with the old bits and an ohlins shock.

All refitted Thursday

First ride what a difference - Night and Day - now it rides like a motorbike - not a torture device that shakes you to pieces.

Still playing with the settings - trying to fine tune - so any recommendations welcome.

Did a 70 mile ride this morning - no bone shaking or being thrown off the seat as your riding.

Not quite dialed in still adjusting to get smooth ride without the wallow.

BUT EXELLENT - money well spent

FTR did quick turn around and can not be faulted.

I have the front preload on both forks at 1/2 turn from minimum (they fitted next size up springs) and my static sag needed no real increase in preload.

I have the rear preload at about 11mm of thread behind nuts - the static sag is still a little more than spec - but I am short - so did not want to add 5mm more to the height to bring this sag into spec.

The rear shock is set at 25 clicks out - increased it to 27 today - but set it back as was no smoother but maybe a bit bouncy.

Front Rebound and compression are 2 1/2 turns out of closed (done up)
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