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2023 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled
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Hey all, just looking for some guidance on the SW-Motech side carriers.

I saw another post from a couple of years ago saying the earlier shape (for 2017-18) carriers fit the 2020 model DS with a little fiddling (bigger bolts mostly).

Does anyone know if the 2017-18 shape would also fit the 2022 Desert Sled?
They just seem a little more flush/less of a protrusion from the rear photos.

Codes and years noted below.
"Fits DS 2017-18"
Left: HTA.22.577.10003
Right: HTA.22.577.11003

"Fits DS 2019-"
Left: HTA.22.916.10000
Right: HTA.22.916.11000

Any insight would be fantastic!

Also is anyone running either of the above with a rear rack? If so, which brand did you go with?
Mostly looking at Ducati or Hepco Becker but others considered - hard to find anything in Australia haha

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I have the SLC carriers on my 2020 DS. I ordered as specified from SW-motech, so not sure about fitment question. I gave up trying to find a compatible rear rack. Could not find anything that would not require some fabrication. I I did not care for the HB side luggage options.

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I have the 2018 DS and ordered te 2019-20 by mistake. I had to return them and get the 2017-18 instead.
If you check the pics, they have quite a different shape. The 2019-20 has also a long section in the back that bolts differently the the 2018.
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