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Hi Guys !

I'm from Montreal Canada , I will be the proud owner of a Full throttle when it arrive at the dealer around the 15-20 of may. I have a full list of mods in head but my first step is to black it out. I'll change the side pannels or simply remove the yellow stickers and put the black and white on each side. Remove the yellow sticker on the front fender and I want to switch the seat for a icon without the yellow patches.

I would like to know if someone with a Icon version would like to switch is seat with mine. I would prefer someone in canada or USA so the sipping would be faster ( 1 or 2 days fast shipping) and we wouldnt have to spend a week or 2 without a seat.

Please MP me or reply to this thread if you are intersted
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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