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A word of warning for those who are fitting any tail tidy if you venture out on wet roads or rain, I road less than 15 miles this morning with my RST gear on (usually quite waterproof) when I noticed that my backside and backs of my legs were soaking wet (and I mean through to my undershreds)! Luckily I was just out checking the bike out after replacing the fork oil so wasn't aiming to be anywhere so I turned round and went home. It was like being on a mountain bike in the rain with no mudguard whatsoever but with a massive 180 tyre flinging Niagra at you.
This means I will probably have to carry a rucksack everywhere with proper waterproofs packed. Just goes to show that the original spray lip behind the number plate must take the majority of the spray back onto the rear tyre (I know a bit gets past onto my back but nothing like today).
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