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Took delivery of my new classic in sept 2015 , as soon as I rode It loved it , it just is what I have always liked in a bike ,got the first service out of the way in early 2016 ,looking forward to the summer and enjoyment then some low life pinched it in may , not done 1k , got the money of the insurance ,took the hit between new and second hand and some .
Last week it turned up ,police dragged it into a salvage place, phoned me ,went straight their ,phoned the insurance company ,told them I want to buy it back ,after assessing the damage ,which I did ,got it back at a good price for me.
Headlamp ,gone, seat and ignition locks ,gone, bracket for headlamp gone ,mirrors gone ,silencer covers damaged ,oil cooler plastic cover gone .
Fuel ,gas cap ,intact ,engine clean frame clean,under mudguards clean ,on the whole clean ,wires cut from ignition key twisted together .
Have ordered all the parts required and some more goodies besides ,thought I might need a new harness but the ignition switch plugs into the harness under the tank ,phew ,
The great thing is I got my bike back ,didn't go out and replace it last year ,because well I had made the choice after much thought to buy a classic in the first place ,and it sort of would have took all that thought process away from that buzz you get , so was going to look again this year and try to find another buzz .
Haven't fitted my stuff yet and will have to have the keys programmed at my dealer ,when they do my recall for the prop stand job ,O and I know they never got it started I can just tell, signing of now from Fort Knox
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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