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Tamed the little beast

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with 3 mods My Icon is now silky smooth to ride, but can still unleash when you want,
1. Throttle Tamer ordered from the US
2. Thick throttle grip (larger diameter gives you softer hand)
3. 44T rear sprocket from the UK

The bike is now a dream to ride and is more forgiving as I ride 3-4 hours each day and then fun rides on the weekends
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I just finished the maiden voyage on my Urban Enduro. As a new rider I'm glad to hear there's hope in "taming the beast". The Throttle Tamer and larger diameter grips sound like a given. I'm debating a gearing change. Scooting around residential areas it felt like I was lugging to go 25 mph in second gear. 45 mph on the thoroughfares in 3rd or 4th was much more pleasurable. For the type of touring I anticipate doing, cruising at 65 mph will be a good average. Obviously, I still want to be able to squirt up to 85 once and awhile. But, it sounds like 6th is good for cruising at 80 mph with the stock gearing. I'll be interested in feedback from other Scrambler owners.
Hopefully not a controversial comment :) - Regarding the 'snatchy' throttle... I was looking at tamers and the booster plug but I'm a ditherer!

Now 5 months of ownership later I don't feel the need for either (about 1800kms). I've always had bikes but between my last one and the Scrambler there was a seven year gap so I guess I'm not a novice rider in the sense of the word. But if you can put up with it I'd recommend seeing how you feel with a few miles under your belt. The taming options won't go away.

That said with me its also about saving money and if that doesn't matter so much to you and the throttle does irk options to sort it exist and there are a few to consider. Have a good mooch around the forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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