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Tank Construction

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Does any body know if the fuel tanks are plastic or aluminum? I have a '07 Ducati GT1000 and these bikes came with plastic tanks that spread with the alcohol fuel additives here in the USA. Ducati had to replace a bunch under warranty due to safety issues with tanks coming loose due to this spreading. I had my new replacement Caswell coated to prevent this spreading problem. I'd hate to have to go this route with my new scrambler.
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They are STEEL yippee not swelling just rust later on. They seem to have an optional alloy one I have seen in pics too
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Any idea what other tanks might fit. Maybe something larger or with more room inside? Either one of those options.
Anything but plastic! My 2007 Multistrada had the tank replaced under warranty. Dealer replacement cost today is $950 as some Multistrada owners of first generation bikes found, or will find out, after the warranty period.
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