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Hello all,

thought I’d share my experience maybe help someone!

had the tank off to get it painted a few months ago and had a problem with a bit of water in the fuel filler 🙃

thought I was very careful when I put the tank back on but seems the drain pipe was kinked

i blew up the drain pipe and couldn’t blow through, loosened the tank slightly and blew up to find the bike covered in brown crud!

Fixed it by pulling a bit more hose up to the top and bolt the tank back down and tested by blowback up

one thing I did notice is that the fuel filler didnt have a o ring around the outside, so when you wash/rain etc any water can just sit down between the filler and the tank in the recess

have now made a oring but wondered if this was something it should have?
(I know the previous owner had the filler off as it was 180 out when I got it so perhaps they lost it!)

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