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Termi race exhaust

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I installed The Termi race slip on exhaust today and noticed that with the DB killer installed I get a whistling chirping sound. Is this normal? I suspect it had to do with that pull out bar in the DB killer. Sounds much better with it removed. I wonder if any one has actually measured the DB attenuation of the killer? May just leave it out.
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Yup, mine does the same. Sounds like the spaceship from the Jetsons, and makes me giggle.

The plan was the wait until I got bored before taking it out, I think that day is coming. Now let's see if heat cycling has pretty much welded it in place...
Be careful you don't drop the retaining screw into can when you remove the DB killer. Very easy to do and you have to remove the Termi slip on to get it back out!
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