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Termi race slip on

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Asked on the other forum too ... anyone had any issues with the law regarding the Termi which is stamped "not for road use"? Cant decide if it is worth the risk of getting caught out. I also plan to ride in Wales and I think I have heard they are very strict with number plates and exhausts. Share your views/ knowledge please :)
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My view is you'll only get pulled for doing something silly.
I've had cops right behind me at a roundabout with me on my Diavel with Termi (which is very loud!) and a small plate and they had followed me for a couple of miles,but I wasn't pulled....
Thanks Dave, I have never been pulled for a loud exhaust myself and have had full race systems but none looked as small as the Termi does. Just a lil concerned the obvious "not for road use" stamp i think it has would not be in my favor (none of my others end cans or systems had it) and was also concerned regarding insurance. However Ducati insurance will insure me with all mods including the Termi race can for 123 quid though in an accident that damaged the can they will only replace with a standard can but thats fine with me. Was going to cancel orer but will leave it now.
I got my bike yesterday, supplied with the Termi already fitted and with the baffle out. It's loud but not excessively. I've ridden it for about 160 miles now and passed the police a couple of times. They never batted an eyelid.
There is a "Race use only" stamp on it somewhere but I've been unable to find it so far! Possibly it's behind the carbon shield.
The stamp is on the underside of the exhaust. You'd have to lay the bike on it's side or use a mirror to read it.
Am awaiting a call back from Ducati Insurance as I need them to confirm they will cover a "race use only" can. Not sure whats up with me as my exhausts have rarely been legal but I think the stamp "race use only" just voids insurance unless they agree to it being ok. Maybe me turning 50 this year has something to do with it... or maybe I am just being overly cautious. I might even go for the FT Termi ... decisions decisions...will wait to see what insurance say
I'm insured with Ducati insurance. I told them about the Termi - no problem. :)
Carol Nash didn't have a problem with mine. I've never been pulled for an illegal can but I've been nicked twice for number plates so I don't bother changing them these days. At the end of the day if you're acting like a twat and you're cocky when they pull you, they'll nick you, if you eat a bit of humble pie the odds are you'll get off.

Yeah I am over thinking it. Especially with Ducati insurance, its enough you tell em the model of Termi as they of all people should know what they sell!
Ducati Insurance in fact has nothing to do with Ducati although they must have got the go ahead from Ducati UK and specialise in insuring Ducatis. They are Ramases Insurance also trading as Wicked Quotes. They do seem to be aware of the various Ducati accessories that are available as you would expect of a specialist insurer.
Derek thanks for setting me straight on that :)
And their policies come through Equity Red Star
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