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The Isle of Man TT

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These guys just blow my mind every year. I was reminded to watch this video again by one of our members that is in the UK.

We have a few more months before the 2015 TT kicks off in June.

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Doing that on a racetrack is one thing, but on roads where you can slide into a brick wall, a house or a tree is a whole other level of fear control. Amazing balls of steel.
Maybe I can talk my wife into letting me go this year.
Maybe I can talk my wife into letting me go this year.
See you there then. Staying nr Ramsey. I cant wait to let the scrambler free
Every motorcyclist should visit the TT at least once in their lifetime, :D The guys that race there are a special breed ,
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I want to ride the course (at a very reasonable speed) in a real kind of way.


These guys just make me so mad. Just watching this makes me nervous. The amount of skill, reflexes, cajones, and general composure that it takes to ride a moto at those kinds of speeds on those kinds of roads is just something that just blows me away.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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