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The ITALIA INDEPENDENT x Ducati Scrambler Revealed

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Scrambler Ducati said:
Here we are! Directly from Art Basel in Miami, the new Ducati Scrambler ITALIA INDEPENDENT has arrived!
Featuring Matte Black bodywork with a Night Copper frame and black leather seat, each bike is embellished with an aluminum plate laser engraved with the bike’s serial number, along with the Ducati Scrambler-Italia Independent logo.
The limited-edition bike (1,077 pieces ) will hit the road beginning in April, 2016.
Welcome to the seductive side of the Land of Joy!
Discover More here -> Ducati Scrambler
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Scrambler Ducati said:
Stylish & sporty, the Ducati Scrambler sunglasses byITALIA INDEPENDENT are dedicated to the new bike created by the collaboration of the two Italian brands, following its style!
We have been waiting for this for a few weeks now, and the limited edition Italia Independent finally hit the web space. It seems as though many of the speculations that we made about the new model was correct. It is a Scrambler that features a new color way as well as some premium touches. What we didn't expect was the fancy sunglasses that you can get as well.

Scrambler is pushing the lifestyle aspect of the brand very hard and this was the natural progression indeed. Now all they need to do is get "Cool Pope Francis" to sit on it for some photos and they will hit all of the earmarks of Italy, Cool.

What do you think of the bike? Are you gonna sign up for one of the 1,077 examples, or are you gonna hit yours with some plasti-dip and get the same results?


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Seat looks like the one on the new flat tracker
Looks too pretty. Like I wouldn't want it to get dirty ever pretty. But I enjoy my scrambler in the dirt once in a while.
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I would almost trade mine in I guess I could buy one for the wife... I mean "buy one for the wife ;);)"
Official Press Release came today:

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Ducati Scrambler and Italia Independent: The official launch of the new products from this exclusive collaboration
  • The new limited edition Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent and a dedicated eyewear collection are the first items created from the new partnership
  • Design, creativity and Made in Italy form the foundation for the projects of the new brand Ducati Scrambler - Italia Independent
Borgo Panigale (Bologna, Italy), 7 December 2015 – Ducati Scrambler and Italia Independent present their new creations in Miami. During the week of the prestigious contemporary art exhibition “Art Basel” at the Setai Hotel, the two brands launched a new limited edition Ducati Scrambler and a collection of dedicated sunglasses inspired by the “Land of Joy,” the theme that characterizes the iconic motorbike made in Bologna.

This is a global partnership based on a three-year collaboration agreement and unites Ducati and Italia Independent for the first time, creating an incredible mix of Made in Italy style and creativity. The focus of the collaboration is Ducati Scrambler, the brand created by Ducati to interpret the values of the iconic 1970s motorbike, introduced in the United States and shortly after achieving international acclaim. A special logo, representing the union of the two different souls from which the project originated, has been designed to characterize the products that will be developed together.

While the new Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent is an original, unique interpretation of this motorbike, aimed at a sophisticated clientele interested in new trends, it still maintains the fundamental elements that distinguish the brand. Created in limited edition with only 1,077 units, the bike is enhanced by an aluminium plate with laser etching of each unit's serial number. The Ducati Scrambler - Italia Independent logo is present on both sides of the tank as well as on the label on the exclusive leather seat.

The Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent is inspired by the world of the “cafè racer” and stands out thanks to a series of hand-crafted details developed together by the creative teams of the two companies: a black engine with brushed cylinder head fins and visible machining, black full exhaust unit with Termignoni silencer, low handlebar with variable section and aluminium rear mirrors mounted on the ends. The short front mudguard, the essential nose fairing, the frame and the wheels painted “Night Copper” (colour designed for this special edition), the seat with stitching in the same colour with the embroidered Italia Independent logo on the back further embellish this version. The “Matte Black” colour of the entire bike and the side panels of the tank, created by an artisan brushing process reminiscent of the "Night Copper” of the wheels and chassis, emphasise even further the “café racer” soul of this new bike.

The Ducati Scrambler sunglasses created by Italia Independent and dedicated to the new bike from which they were inspired are both elegant and sporty. A classic, timeless shape, dark black with rubber surface treatment, mirrored copper-coloured lenses like the internal part of the frame. The internal surface of both the bridge and the temples also share the colour of the bike frame and some details of the Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent: copper with a “brushed” effect. The final element of this custom product is the dedicated logo inside the left temple preceded by the words “Unique Edition for” while the Italia Independent logo is present on the right temple.

Great care and attention to detail, both inherent characteristics of Ducati and Italia Independent, allow this eyewear to embody perfectly the lifestyle spirit of Ducati Scrambler. The complete range of sunglasses inspired by the iconic bike includes four other models based upon the different versions of the Ducati Scrambler, reproducing their aesthetics and colour schemes. The new bike and eyewear collection are just the first concrete result of this creative collaboration between the two brands.

In these days in Miami we have been celebrating art and design, the ideal setting to present the first limited edition of the new Ducati Scrambler and a brand new eyewear collection, the first tangible result of our partnership with Italia Independent,” commented Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding. “Lapo Elkann and his team of creative designers have brought a breath of fresh air and creativity to Ducati, and we are sure that this will be the start of an exciting partnership.

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Andrea Tessitore, Co-Founder and CEO of Italia Independent commented: “I am delighted with the result of our collaboration with a brand - Ducati - that embodies the excellence of Made in Italy and is the leader in its sector. This partnership represents another important step in our process of international development and growth in terms of brand awareness and allows us to enter a world of creativity, research and development that we have attempted to bring to the eyewear made for this collaboration.

Art Basel has a certain charm which makes the launch of this all-Italian partnership even more special. Style and technology, heritage and innovation, but more than anything else cohesion and synergy between the two teams, consisting of men and women working together, are the true strength of our two companies and the key to success for this collaboration,” commented Lapo Elkann, Co-Founder and Chairman of Italia Independent.

Gentleman Event Fashion Suit Formal wear
(from left) Andrea Ferraresi (Ducati Design Center Director), Lapo Elkann (Co-Founder and Chairman of Italia Independent), Alessandro Cicognani (Ducati Licensing Director)

Main as-standard features

Colour scheme:

• Matte Black with Night Copper frame and black leather seat

As-standard features

• Night Copper tank side panels with dedicated logo

• Night Copper steel Trellis frame

• Night Copper front and rear aluminium wheels

• Leather seat with Night Copper stitching and Italia Independent logo at rear

• Entire engine painted black with machined cylinder head fins and other machined details in full view

• Termignoni exhaust system, painted black

• Café racer nose fairing

• Low, tapered handlebars

• Aluminium rear-view mirrors mounted on bar ends

• Short front mudguard
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where is the cafe racer nose fairing? am i blind?
where is the cafe racer nose fairing? am i blind?
Missed the photo...
Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Black Headlamp

You can see the little fairing on there.
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Missed the photo...

You can see the little fairing on there.
oh.. I was expecting this and got excited :p

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That looks great. Wonder what mirrors they are.. I think I "need" them.. :cool-28:
I like it but it's too fancy!!! That seat looks really nice, it actually looks a lot like the new Mustang seat I ordered.
Will it be on sale in the UK? + price????
Yes. From £9,377
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