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Let us know if you've put a deposit down on the Ducati Scrambler: Classic.

If you have put money down on the new Classic, reply to this thread so that we can add you to the list:

1. peter mcwilliams
2. Marty Scrambler (Dallas, TX)
3. Derek Solomon (Pro Italia, Santa Clarita, CA)
4. zenocchio
5. 450Jupiter
6. Derek (Ducati Glasgow)
7. bill stuart (St Augustine FL USA)
8. RogerS
9. baimo (Cross Country Cycle. Metuchen, New Jersey)
10. Jay Oglesby (Charlotte Ducati)
11. El Toro (Order in)
12. Mike27 (Fast by Ferracci in Willow Grove, PA)
13. mike`s bike (So. Cal. USA)
14. LanceP (Ft. Lauderdale, FL. USA)
15. Iggy
16. neilf (Ducati Glasgow)
17. PeteI (San Diego, CA)
18. Brian Mcm (Ducati Glasgow UK)
19. Pete4
20. Jave (Munich Germany)
21. Shilbilly (Ducati Leeds)
22. c turner
23. SuperKörny71 (Ducati Helsinki)
24. nicolas.j.mills (Indy Ducati)
25. Pier (Metropolis. London, UK)
26. Suzie2stroke
27. Sham61 (DMCMoto Preston)
28. ladyeclectic
29. Graeme (York, UK)
30. Johnmc

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Good Morning all! I have a deposit down for a Classic and am counting the days! So far here in Dallas the Urban Enduro is the most popular model based of deposits. Cheers!

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Im heading to my local dealer this weekend to put down a deposit. Im torn between the Full Throttle and the Icon as I will customize the bike anyways. Looks like Ill be flipping a coin when I get there as both bikes are way cool, I'm Stoked!

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I put my deposit down Oct 3 for the classic. Will be the first guy in northern Colorado to get this particular bike! Any body know if the seat is real leather like I have seen claimed? I like the stressed used look I have seen in some pics. Love the spoke wheels. Hope their tubeless like some people have been claiming!
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