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Let us know if you've put a deposit down on the Ducati Scrambler: Icon.

If you have put money down on the new Icon, reply to this thread so that we can add you to the list:

1. Tylerw456
2. Cypress (Yellow Icon; Pro Italia, Glendale, CA)
3. Jimmyvzr8 (Red Icon, Sydney Australia)
4. meloman (Hansen's, Medford, Oregon)
5. DaveInWoodland (Red Icon, GoodTimes Kawasaki, Sacramento, CA)
6. BiffNotZeem (Yellow Icon. Ducati Seattle)
7. mk3nippa (red Icon, Newcastle England)
8. scowa18 (Red Icon. Eurocycles Tampa Bay)
9. big al (Southern California Motorcycles, Brea, CA)
10. Andrew Shipman (Red Icon. Ducati of Winchester)
11. Janitor (Yellow Icon. Ducati of Winchester)
12. Albie (Yellow Icon. Ducati Ashford, UK)
13. Hansen (Red Icon)
14. bill stuart (Red Icon. St. Augustine, Florida)
15. rajesh.natarajan (Red Icon. Ducati Bellevue, Washington USA)
16. mjhallock (Yellow Icon. Good Times Kawasaki, Sacramento, CA)
17. Jimmyduc (Red Icon. Apex Cycle. Cambridge, Ontario)
18. Excndez (Yellow Icon.)
19. Zig (Red Icon. Motoprimo, Lakeville MN)
20. juxtola (Red Icon)
21. bama-scrambla (Yellow Icon. Tallahassee FL)
22. Podengo (Red Icon. Danbury CT)
23. Orion (Yellow Icon, Lovaas Motor, Norway)
24. AssKoala (Yellow Icon, Orlando, FL)
25. ducatirdr (Yellow Icon, Wagner Motosports in Worcester, MA)
26. AnotherHobby (Yellow Icon. Motoprimo. Lakeville, MN USA)
27. fastwoman (Yellow Icon, Koup's, PA)
28. Ridelightning (Red Icon. London, UK)
29. iScramble (Red Icon. Gena, Germany)
30. Phil (Yellow Icon. Sens France)
31. Shamone (Yellow Icon. Ducati Sheffield, UK)
32. Andrés Posada (Red Icon, Ducati of Medellín, Colombia)
33. 62Yellow (Yellow Icon. Ducati Newport Beach)
34. vespapilot (Yellow Icon. Pro Italia-Montrose, California)
35. Scrmblrcam (Red Icon. Euro Cycles Tampa FL)
36. ScramDuc (Yellow Icon. Ducati Newport Beach)
37. JazzaeJ (Yellow Icon. Motoworks, Chicago)
38. ducatirdr (Mass)
39. ELVISTO (Yellow Icon. Woods of Abergele, Wales , UK)
40. Russ (Yellow icon, Scunthorpe England)
41. jerrycan (Yellow Icon, Dordogne France)
42. Paul Goodacre (Yellow Icon, Ontario Canada)
43. rodolfo (Red Icon. Miami, FL)
44. gian0612 (Yellow Icon. Italia)
45. littleowl (Red Icon. Woods of Abergele. Wales, UK)
46. Sixty Seven (Red Icon. DUCATI Montpellier - France)
47. Mr.Bjorken (Red Icon. Stokholm Sweden)
48. madsmiami (Red Icon, Miami, FL)
49. Raz1966 (Red Icon. Seastar Norwich. UK)
50. rodolfo (Red Icon. Miami, FL. USA)
51. JimmyD (Red Icon for me. Montréal, Qc, Canada)
52. Jojo10t (Yellow Icon)
53. chilira (Red Icon. MCC, Chicago)
54. BluprintZ (Red Icon. Woods in Abergele, North Wales. UK)
55. akod (Yellow Icon. San Francisco, CA, USA)
56. timbmayb (Yellow Icon. Fairfax, VA, USA)
57. TC3 (Red Icon. Metropolis Barnet)
58. bainjs (Red Icon Nashville TN)
59. jeffe (Red Icon. Biscaya Motors, Sweden.)
60. Skippy (Red Icon. Riders, Bristol)
61. thrasher911 (Yellow Icon. Moto Europa, St. Louis.)
62. spikeymike (Red Icon. Michaels Reno Powersports, NV)
63. jhayman (Yellow Icon, Pocomoke, MD, USA)
64. walemme (Yellow Icon. Munich, Germany)
65. Lamberg (Biscaya Motors in Sweden)
66. Si° (Red Icon. Bedfordshire UK)
67. steevecheeky (Yellow Icon. DucatiMilano. Milano, Italy)
68. bigpish13 (Red icon @ Moto Forza Southern California)
69. DouglasLee (Yellow Icon. AK)
70. Jimmyduc
71. ragtop (Yellow Icon. Mumbai, India)
72. svonlank (Red Icon. Westlake California)
73. cabbgage (Yellow Icon. Spain)
74. Xtyling (Red Icon. Manila Philipines)
75. Tonymoulls (Red Icon)
76. injidup
78. TC3 (Red Icon)
79. carlo (Yellow Icon.)
80. Mike Parker (Red Icon. Braintree, Essex)
81. Stratton (Red Icon)
82. Charlie Gaddy (Red Icon. Fort Worth TX Eurosport Cycles.)
83. jrun (Red Icon, Monroe Motors, California)
Classic, East Yorkshire,England

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Before I bought mine, I went to a different dealer than I bought from to sit on some, and the first one was a silver '17 Icon. I ended up getting a much better deal on my red '16, but the silver is a really nice color too.
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