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Let us know if you've put a deposit down on the Ducati Scrambler: Urban Enduro.

If you have put money down on the new Urban Enduro, reply to this thread so that we can add you to the list:

1. TrackCage (Ace Motorsports. Concord, CA)
2. burnleyknives
3. Mabruke (Riverside Motorsports, Boston, MA)
4. Wallcrawl (Ducati Vermont)
5. Basa (San Francisco CA)
6. DiFrancesco (Great Bay, NH)
7. MikeyBoy (A&S Motorcycles, Sacramento)
8. Greg B (Motocorsa, Portland, OR)
9. rnsto (Hattar Motorsports, San Rafael, CA)
10. mattrofact (Ducati Newport Beach, CA)
11. CookieKing (Duc Pond, Winchester, VA)
12. Martiniman (Motomart. Wellington, New Zealand)
13. BostonBike (Razee Ducati of Rhode Island)
14. Dhubb (Ducati Seattle, WA)
15. Southern Seahorse (TTRNO of New Orleans, LA)
16. goldscott (GP Motorcycles San Diego, CA)
17. Hui (Ducati Glasgow, Scotland)
18. Luna70 (Hudson Valley Motorcycles, Ossining, NY)
19. Jimmy Flink (Stockholm, Sweden)
20. DCasserly (Ducati Croydon, London, UK)
21. nuttynick (Moto Rapido, Hampshire, UK)
22. Dauwe Urban Enduro (Ducati Herzele, Belgium)
23. Explodee (Riverside Motorsports in Boston MA)
24. brux (Pro-Italia in Glendale, CA)
25. mv81 (Redline Motorsports. Yorktown, VA)
26. Hedonism
27. 64vette
28. micro79 (Italy, Rimini)
29. azrunner (Rennaisance Motors. Tucson, AZ)
30. Scramblizer (DUCATI - Berlin, Germany)
31. Defender150 (Battley Cycles, Gaithersburg Maryland)
32. Dave S (Bridgewater, Somerset. England)
33. nigelcutting (Windsor - England)
34. Squatchy (Indy Ducati- Zionsville, IN)
35. RLG ( Ducati Austin, Austin TX)
36. mark ellis (Ducati Manchester, UK)
37. teliscope (Duc Pond, Winchester, VA)
38. icecody66 (Harrison Eurosports Ducati Utah. USA)
39. Toot (Johannesburg, South Africa)
40. munky_allt (Coventry UK)
41. Snake Plissken (Ducati Triumph New York)
42. zswickliffe (D-Town. USA)

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Well, I went in to put a deposit on an Urban Enduro, but came out with this instead:

Leftover 2013 with 190 miles...$9,300 + taxes!
I'm good, now!

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