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@Wesker Hi, I see you have the Zard slip on fitted. Did you re-flash the ECU or is it still stock? If it is still stock, how does the bike run? Any problems?

I would be interested to know as I am keen on fitting the Zard to my Icon, but getting the ECU flashed here is quite difficult.
Hi gandalf.hanoi,
no, I did not re-flash the ECU. Zard stated on their homepage that this is not necessary:

Tire Automotive lighting Automotive tire Wheel Motor vehicle

Actually, I did not notice any difference but to be honest: I only rode 50 kilometers with the stock exhaust before I switched to the Zard. The bike stutters a bit at the cold start, and the throttle response is not so clean. However, I have read that this is normal for the Scrambler. Once the bike is warm, the problem also disappears. So I think this has nothing to do with the Zuma.

If you want to buy the Zuma, I would also recommend buying the Racing DB-Eater, since the Standard DB-Eater is as loud as the original exhaust (and riding completely without DB-Eater is too loud, in my opinion).
2201 - 2220 of 2254 Posts