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I love this exhaust muffler and probably will get one once the warranty gets to its end; next year.
Dare I a few questions about it ?
I suppose you had ÉCU remapped to adapt the injection with the exhaust line (with catalyst removed unless I'm wrong?); did you notice significant behaviour changes; power, torque, at higher our lower rpm?
possibly any Inconveniences, I don't think of more noise which I do expect, unless it were really a ear-killer for neighbours ?
Btw, did you keep the db-killer that goes with ?

I live in France and the police mostly fairly unkind for noisy bikes, though there's some margin !

any defaults or weaknesses in the build ?

Finally are you happy with it ?

many thanks in advance for your comments and asvice:)

Have a safe and pleasant ride !
1901 - 1916 of 1916 Posts