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The Urban Enduro off road

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The UE really handles extremely well in quite bad dirt and red slippery mud ! ( and thats even with the standard MT60,s ) the low center of gravity is so supprising and it just eats up the gravel ! I even done a small long crossing as well , the OME bash plate took plenty of hits and done its job , I have at present have the standard suspension but figure I will keep it until warranty runs out ( so if I blow a fork seal will get it fixed under warranty ) in saying that it does get out of shape on rocky terrain, but good ground appreciationcan can miss most . I have put SMMOTO pegs and Crash bars , IIntercooler guard , a rear rack I modify to fit made my seat more comfortable and a Dart screen at stage .
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I agree. I did my first bit of offroading this weekend on my new UE, and it has been pretty wet as of late, but even with things extra slippery the bike felt grounded and in control the whole time whether it was muddy trails or hills
Yer a fantastic all rounder , I just need to put on hand guards , heated grips upgrade the suspension different pipe and pannier racks with the capacity to carry an extra fuel container ( then it will be the perfect solo Adventure bike )
We need to get some info going on off road suspension. I'd love to give mine some more travel.
I'm looking forward to the release of the Scrambler Desert Sled, be interesting to read the specs and do a test ride when it's out, from posts here it has 19 inch front wheel so hopefully the suspension will be changed to more off road friendly. I haven't taken my Icon on the dirt yet but I reckon it would be pretty rough, for a "scrambler" the suspension is more solid sports bike orientated and nowhere near as comfortable and compliant as my dual sport bikes (I have a 98 BMW F650 and a 2007 Vstrom 650). I really like my Icon, love the low seat and the bike feels like it was built just for me but in reality, on the average bumpy Queensland road, I'm quicker on one of my dual sports.

Love the Icons looks so hopefully they don't change that but the perfect Scrambler for me would be more compliant suspension, a few litres more fuel, and don't make the seat height much more (I'm a short arse)
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