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Here is a list of things I added to my Urban Enduro that might be of interest for others (not model specific):

Oxford Touring Hotgrips (€ 62,50) and Piston style Handlebar Ends 234g ea (€ 19,99)

The very first thing irritating me right away was the look and feel of those slim stock rubber handgrips. Traded them in for a nice set of Oxford’s Touring Pro. Comes with a really sophisticated controller that attached to the left handlebar clamp (holder provided). I can operate it easily with my left thumb while leaving the hand on the bar and it does not interfere with my tank bag. You may attach the controller directly via the provided fuse to the Battery terminals since it has its own logic of finding out if the engine is running and providing charging current or not. Has five settings. The manufacturer claims that it also eliminates vibes. I can surely state that at least in combination with the piston style handlebar ends you see in the pictures (234 g ea.) it really does… SWEET!

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RAM MOUNTS for TomTom Rider and auxiliary power socket

I mounted 1 handlebar clamp RAM mount for the TomTom (V 2013) active holder and one mirror mounted on each side. I put them on for using the “Camera RAM Mount” that lets you attach standard cameras. I use a Panasonic FT-5 “tough and rough” to shoot Fast Motion or Movie Clips from some interesting rides with friends. The waterproof (when closed) auxiliary power socket has a rubber lid and is used for charging phone or whatsoever in my tank bag.

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Actually - just looking at mount for temp controller, may have to prime and paint matt black as it stands out a little too much for my liking
You've mentioned the little screen. I'm planning making a new throttle cable and replacing the brake line in-order to re-route a neater way. But, maybe once the wee screen is fitted it will suit the line of the existing cables. Possibly that's the way to go for me too.
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