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Things we added for guardings

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Gas tank and oil cooler guard plus Front / Rear Fork Spindle Bobbins

Finding the standard accessory “Black Tank Guard” not really fitting the style of my Urban Enduro I found the pictured ones @ louis.de. Though not the exact size of the raised section of the tank they look okay for me and pretty sure will still do their job quite well…

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Oil cooler guard

Standing in front of the bike and looking thru the front fork & high fender I stared at the probably weakest spot – the very exposed oil cooler mesh. Cannot believe they Scramblers don’t come with some sort of guarding from the factory… !

Anyway, the aftermarket already has a fine solution for this ready - ordered it right away together with a set of Bobbins for the front and the rear. The Bobbins are very light in weight (unsprung masses), looks decent in my eyes, seem to be high quality and have an interesting mechanical design of “spinning end pieces”. Look up the EVOTECH website for more detail.

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