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No oil thread, not even a fuel thread, but tire pressure this time.

Which tire pressures are you running, and why? (btw, I only ride street on this bike, but being in LA, they are rough. On the stock tires)

When I got my bike about the first thing I did is check and set the pressure according to the manual. I only ride solo so I set it to 32psi (or 2.2 Bar). When the bike was new I found the suspension quite harsh on small bumps, and as a result I started experimenting with the settings, but also with the tire pressure. Over the time the suspension has gotten better and apart from a little lack of low speed compression damping in the rear, I really like it now. That could even be caused by the progressively wound spring (may one day try to have my shock revalved).

Anyway, tire pressures. Riding solo, 190lbs rider, stock tires.

Whenever I set the tires to 34 psi front and rear, the ride gets notably harsher though. A little more stability at the cost of comfort on bad roads.

Lately I've been using 30 psi instead of the default 32 psi, and the ride feels a lot better. Still stable at higher speeds, just feels more comfy. Like small ruts and potholes get absorbed better. Especially since I replaced the rear tire and sealed the rims to tubeless. Notable difference. Feels like my tires are softer.

(actually, since I converted to tubeless, the same tire pressure feels more pliant suddenly)

your thoughts?
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