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I have spent entirely too long re-watching the same Youtube reviews & videos of the Scrambler and Scrambler-porn google image searches that I decided to cut & paste my ideal Scrambler until I can financially go into the dealer and drive off with one.

Looking into the Full Throttle model:


Here is relatively what I'll start off with:
Strip the front fender for a more naked look. Paint the yellow on the seat with black vinyl paint and upgrade the foot pegs. Looking into removing the license plate arm & doing the tidy tuck under the seat type deal. Not even sure if that's legal or not, but I like that look more than it hanging off the rear fender/taillight. I'll also look into replacing the turn signals with something much smaller and closer to the tail-light. I really dislike how far the turn signals pull away from everything without the rear fender.


After I've ridden out that look for a bit and more funds come along I'll get the new sticker, high-rise front mudguard, rear mudguard & headlight grill. Jury's still out on the license plate location for this look and possibly black heat wraps.

I plan to use it for my daily commute to work, which consist of mainly country roads & small towns. Possibly light trail riding or dirt roads; which I think the alloys should hold up. If not spokes are also an expensive alternative.

Anyway, I have about a dozen slightly different variations of the same bike. Just to give an idea of my obsessing. I'm sure many of you felt this way in '15 when they were first coming out! At least I can go by the dealership and physically sit on one. Test drive hopefully in the near future
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