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Had a good 4 day trip starting Monday, Labor day and returning Friday evening. Really great ride.

Escaped Bay Area Monday afternoon, got to Gualala without much trouble. Next day up hwy 1 to Ft Bragg for breakfast and then inland to 101. Then up Bell Springs Rd, which was interesting. Wide open views and ranches. Then up Forest Service 1 which was rough. Motorcycle eating pot holes. but great views up the ridge

Next day up the Klamath to Somes Bar where the road to Cecileville and Callahan was very narrow. Drops to the Salmon river ~200' right at the edge of the road. Slow and steady worked. Went down to the Trinity river, and then out FS 17 to Weed. Spent that night at Mt Shasta walk in campsite up the old ski area road. Hiked up into the bowl to watch the sunset. Really nice. Hippie folks around, Spiritual stuff if you're into that.

Next day to Mt Lassen. Hiked to the top, nice view, very volcanic. Next day south along the Feather River, nice riding but kinda developed going into Ororville. Dams and so on.

Worked around Sacramento via levy roads. Much nicer than I-5 and I-80. Amost ran out of gas though. Ran to 189 mi and 3.4 gal reload. Could have made 200 mii I guess but pucker factor would have been too much.

Good trip.



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