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There are a few solutions you can look at, none of which will eliminate the issue but each certainly helps a little:

1) heat reflective tape on back of right side exhaust guard: this one is simple. Just take off the guard by removing the 2 bolts and line-up some heat reflective material on the back of it using scissors, an x-acto knife or whatever your weapon of choice is

2) heat reflective tape under the seat: particularly near the front, many gentlemen have reported that this helps reduce a condition known as "nut roasting".

3) ceramic coating: you'd want to do this inside and out preferrably. Looks real clean but requires removal of the entire system which isn't practical for everyone

4) heat-wrap: don't believe the nay-sayers. This works, and contrary to some people's belief, won't disintegrate your exhaust pipes just because its a Ducati. I have had and know of many bikes that have gone 10+ yrs with no ill effects from this. Have a friend with a Diavel who did his to great results. The process on how to do it is well documented on Youtube.

5) wear kevlar denim: this is peehaps the most effective fix. Denim from companies like Reseurgence will greatly help reduce the heat you are feeling from the motor (compared to conventional denim or cotton, etc). They have the added benefit of protecting you in a crash too ;)

6) turn the bike off at stop lights: many new cars do this automatically to save fuel but it also has the plesant side effect of not creating more heat when the motor has no air flowing over it to cool down. Depends on your commute/riding environment but if you love somewhere where there are 1-2 minute stoplights, this definitely helps. It won't damage your starter unless you are doing it constantly and a new starter would be cheaper than the cumulative damage of running high temps on your motor anyway.

I'm using methods 1, 2, 5 and 6 and don't have any issues, even on the hottest days.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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