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Under seat USB socket question.

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Looking at this image, it appears to plug in at the top? Does this mean the seat won't then go down? I thought the idea would've been to charge stuff on the move?
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When I looked at it at the preview tour I saw that you could put your phone in the tray and there was a gap to run the cord. That said, I am assuming there is clearance for the other end of the plug and cord when the seat is put back on.
That's what I thought, but it doesn't look like there'll be much clearance inless you can get a short or right angled connector?
It doesn't look very clever does it. You'd have thought that they'd have the sense to fit it horizontally so that clearance isn't an issue with any cable. Most USB cables will need 30-40mm above the socket.
But on looking at the picture again, the top of the socket seems to to be on a level with the base of the ECU which has a great big connector sticking out the side over the top of the frame tube. It also has what looks like a couple of relays mounted at the rear of it. So there may be more room than we think.
Fingers crossed it won't be as tight as it looks. I know there was a suggestion you could use it to power a satnav, so they obviously intend it to be used with the seat on!
I had this exact question yesterday when previewing the bike at my dealer. I checked it with the Ducati rep while charging my iPhone 6 from the outlet. There is actually a cupped space on the bottom of the seat to allow extra clearance. My cord was not kinked or otherwise damaged with the seat back on. Also, for what it's worth, we determined that the connection is only powered when the key is in the "on" or "run" position. Which is probably a good thing :)
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Thanks, just what I wanted to know ;)
I will get a double connector and run one to the front and keep another in thr seat for phone or other.
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Battery Tender is offering a USB adapter that utilizes the same connector as the charger does. That should open a great many alternatives in mounting, I'd think.
I'm trying to figure out how to wire the GPS to the bike. Any suggestions?

I would like the GPS to turn off when the engine turns off. So I need to connect minus to the battery, and plus to a circuit that looses power when the engine stops. As mentioned above the USB under seat function only when the key is turned on. Maybe it's possible to attach the cable underneath?
Same here, I'll be asking my dealer to add a power lead before delivery. Maybe Ducati already have a spare + in the headlamp area for this? I've seen a promo picture of a Scrambler with satnav attached?
I am just going to run a split off the USB it goes off when you shut off the bike. tuck the cable neatly. then done.
I think the top pic may have been taken from this vid, but the pan of the underseat area with USB socket unplugged (and the tray for the phone) is just after the 3 minute mark...
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