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Urban Enduro to the limit

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I decided to give it a try to a trail near home, that during raining season is usually only accessible to mountain bikes and 4x4, and this video is the result of my adventure.

All I can conclude is that I need different tires (still with the stock ones).

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Some more off-road tyres would have made a difference, but in that really muddy section Iv seen even the more off-road dirt bikes suffer , I own a Urban Enduro but that mud hole I would only take my Suzuki DRZ 400 through ! For a few reasons
1. The EU costs 15,000 in Australia ( and would prefer not to stuff it )
2. I wouldn't feel like pushing the 187kg out of the mud ( not my idea of fun ) and
3. On my DRZ 400 only cost me 2000 I would easily get through that , and if not its only 130 kg and I wouldn't care if I dropped it !
But some people must have more money than sense
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