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With a title like "More than RED: BLACK, WILD, and POP" it looks like Ducati is trying to extend their reach into other markets than traditionally occupied by the Ducati brand. And when I say that I mean the race track and parked in front of martini bars (mostly parked in front of martini bars).

If I were a betting man and was able to combine all of the rumors that I have hears over the last few weeks, I would say that we are going to see the following based on the imagery that we se in the video:

Red Orange Font Text Close-up
Eyewear Close-up Helmet Personal protective equipment Glasses
I think we are going to see another top tier race/track bike. Maybe this will be smaller displacement than the 1199 simply because there is not much room up there at that altitude, so this could be a small displacement tracker.

White Black Monochrome photography Black-and-white Monochrome
Footwear Tire Automotive tire Black Wheel
We have seen this one teased before, and it is in the Ducati line of marketing because of the sophistication of the teaser video and the imagery here. Cuff links that are links of a chain, and a beard and suit-clad man showing both sides of the coin. A new Diavel with forward controls and a belt drive is on the way. Maybe they will call it something else, but it is certainly a power cruiser.

They were a little more close to the vest with this one though. Obviously this is the ADV bike that has been on the radar, but they didn't get too close up to it in the video. HOWEVER, I have way too much time on my hands and went though the video frame by frame to sneak these images out. First image up here shows what appear to be squared off hard cases reminiscent of those from Touratech. The second image sets the scene where this bike lives. Then the third image is where they almost messed up. You can clearly see the 19-ish inch front tire with a lovely knobby tire on it. It looks to be based on the Multistrada with that beaked front end.

And this one is almost assuredly the Scrambler 400. The tank lines look like they are using the same frame and probably sleeving the existing cylinders to get the displacement down, or they have a new motor going in there to get the weight down.

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I never win any bets, but your views appear, at the least, logical.

We'll have to wait and see.

I really hope they don't "sleeve" our engine to make it a 400. That would add unnecessary weight and negate many of the benefits a small bore could potentially bring.

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