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What the?!! (Fallen Bike)

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My wife texted me this picture while I was at work. Last night when I said good night to her (the bike) she was resting soundly on a Pit Bull Rear Stand (Scrambler Specific Version) that I bought about a month ago. Last time I rode here in Portland, OR was about a week ago after which I put it back up on the stand. Will be going home shortly to investigate. Any guesses what caused it?

I have two young kids but I don't think they did it, barring some sleepwalking. And I am happily married.


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That lawn mower sulking in the corner looks mighty suspicious, are you sure there wasn't a bit of jealousy involved here ?
Interested to know, did the engine casing take any damage? Good to know which areas touch down when the bike is dropped.
Aye Josh, it's a good idea at some stage to lay a piece of carpet, or a rug down on the ground or garage floor and gently lay your bike down to observe its contact points.
This comes in handy for deciding what protection you may like to obtain.
It also gives one the chance to practice raising the bike if it ever accidentally falls over.

Some things are seen from a different perspective when a bike is taking a rest,,,
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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