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What the?!! (Fallen Bike)

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My wife texted me this picture while I was at work. Last night when I said good night to her (the bike) she was resting soundly on a Pit Bull Rear Stand (Scrambler Specific Version) that I bought about a month ago. Last time I rode here in Portland, OR was about a week ago after which I put it back up on the stand. Will be going home shortly to investigate. Any guesses what caused it?

I have two young kids but I don't think they did it, barring some sleepwalking. And I am happily married.


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Broken clutch lever and the shifter is bent, but that's it. No scratches to the tank or frame. Unfortunately through past experience, I know exactly how to replace those parts, so repairs will be failry cheap and easy. I'm sure eveyone was thinking user error on the stand, and I think that's what happened here. The Pit Bull Scrambler stand is designed to prop the bike up under the ends of the swingarm, and it looks like I didn't have it correctly positioned and gravity (damn gravity!!) pulled the bike off the stand and onto my cold garage floor where she slept overnight.
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