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Hi everyone,

New to forum. Just put deposit on Classic model, waiting to hear back from Ducati about next delivery dates. No bikes in showrooms here in Ohio.
Anyway quick question, I am trying to figure out the box that's hanging at the bottom of the scrambler. I saw it on some bikes and some of the pictures posted here on forum doesn't have it.

Here it is on a bike that was delivered to a lucky new owner yesterday while I was in shop to do a test ride. The part in question is in red oval.

For comparison I have another classic posted on this forum by ElToro, beautiful bike by way, she doesn't seem to carry the noted par.

Thanks for any info.
It´s the fuel cannister required to meet US EPA regulations. US-bound models are equipped with this ugly-looking piece as well as the side reflectors on the forks and license plate carrier. You can remove the cannister, no problem.... I did mine
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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