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What's your occupation?

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Just wondering what everyone else does here for a living. I'm a web developer by day and sometimes night. :)
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I'm a specialty wood finisher,,, and I design/ patent/ manufacture billet motorcycle parts
Software engineer. Primarily Unix kernel, embedded and iOS app work. Unpaid stage rally official (organizer, steward, rulebook editor).
Used to be an AppleCare Support manager and IT manager 13 years, but decided to retire early.
Freight train engineer, drive trains all day long.. not as grand as it sounds haha
Business owner, I run a janitorial company.
Oil industry offshore

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Project Engineer for a heavy civil construction company in Southern, CA
We sure have a varied realm of experience on this forum. Thats a great thing to see.
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Digital Strategist an also getting into the coffee game.
I manufacture and distribute safety tools.
High voltage cable splicer/ terminator/ tester from the IBEW. Hand wire vintage valve amplifiers.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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