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We where thinking of Corsica or Scotland :) but we only have 5 days :eek: and this in september.
Hui, pls tell me which is the best time of the year to travel to Scotland concerning the weather? And which part of Scotland would you advice me to visit seeing the limited time i have (5 days)?

Thx :)
Well, it's actually quite difficult to say. Also how far down you are to start with.
All along the borders is very good if you are short on time, especially toward the West. If you have time I would strongly recommend heading North cutting across West above Glasgow toward Oban & Fort William and up to the Isle of Skye.
There are documented routes in magazines which give a guide on routes and time scales.
Riding could be quite intense if you try to catch too much in five days but it can be done. In my opinion the further up you go the better but stay central to West.

As far as time of year goes, there's no guarantee with the weather but if you land lucky the rain will be a bit warmer in July/August. If your children are not in the equation for times etc. (probably not you but others thinking about car etc.) I would find out the dates of the school holidays as the tourist traffic is a lot less when the 'lovely wee souls' aren't on holiday.
Feel free once you've done a bit of homework ie. How long & how far you think you could do a day and I would be glad to help if I can.
Bear in mind I'm from the North end near Inverness. I know the top half well but the lowlands less so when it comes to bike routes.
1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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