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I usually set all my bikes in 1st gear when on the kickstand...but alas...I did not this time.

I accidentally pushed the little bugger off the stand. Tried to catch it but not before the clutch lever hut a wooden stool and broke at its hinge point.

Well I need the get the grass mowed anyway, so it is mowing, not riding for the next couple days until my Pazzo levers arrive.

Oh noooo - dropping bikes used to be my speciality lol - I have a box full of broken levers :rolleyes:. Fortunately not from the Scrambler! Famous last words and all that ... when I got my new Guzzi, I was trying to get on it on the yard. I was a bit too enthusiastic in heaving it off its side stand over to the right, and it carried on going ... [banghead]
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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