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Whimpy Sounding Horn?

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Are you considering replacing the stock horn with something louder, say like a FIAMM* High Tone Freeway Blaster Horn? I have a Freeway Blaster horn I took off my now sold Ducati Multistrada. The stock Multi horn was weak and wimpy sounding and not very loud. Comparatively, the FIAMM was much louder on the Multi.

However, I tested the Freeway Blaster against the stock Scrambler horn, and the Scrambler horn is actually more piercing and slightly louder than the FIAMM Freeway Blaster. Incidentally, they are both about the same size. I know there are other horn options, but I do not want something that does not fit in the stock location.

*OEM supplier to top autos like Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, VW and more.
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Looks good , I agree the horn is crap, :( I have a BMW one ready to fit when I get time, :rolleyes:
I don't think I've ever used mine on the road, I did peep it at a security guard to gain his attention, how embarrassing , not used it since,
There's a ready made bracket on the other side of the bike, in a similar location, it was used to carry the charcoal canister for the California models, I think it's 8mm thread, An ideal spot to carry your new horn , and it doesn't spoil the look of the right hand side of the bike, It's also a little cooler on the left side,
That looks , well ! Big, :rolleyes: I'm sure it'll sound amazing, just don't sound it around old people it could give them a heart attack :D
Is it true that in the UK you need to toot your horn when passing as additional safety measure? We do it here as a matter of safety.

Loud horns makes sure they hear you. On top of a loud pipe. :)
NO! it's not true, :)
1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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