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Wounded Scrambler

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Came out after work to find my Scrambler mangled to all hell. A note was stuffed into the steering column with the number for a coach bus service which I assume is the one who backed up into it. Front brake lever is bent and mirror is broken. Scratches and scrapes all over and the worst part, the steering lock is now broken and useless. I was able to ride it home but something seemed a little off. I could have sworn that I was able to see the front tire as I rode the bike but can’t see it now over the headlight. Would the bus have backed into me hard enough to bend the forks or something? It seems the bike is not as long as it was before. And if the forks are totally messed up does that make the bike totaled? Bike week is next week and I was planning on going with my Dad. Probably not happening anymore. Word of warning to my fellow Scramblees: DO NOT PARK IN BOSTON!!!


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Sorry to hear that. I feel you. Some massive truck/bus hit my '74 CB350F a couple years back in NYC and dragged it quite a bit of ways down the street. No note no nothing. Smashed headlights, levers, and the rear brake punched a hole into the crankcase on the right side. Don't ever street park in NYC either. Or if you have to, park like a dick right in the middle of a spot big enough for a car. Also never park at the ends of blocks coz that's where ppl turn and clip you. Bad drivers everywhere.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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