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WTB-2018 Scrambler rear fender and associated parts

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Hey all,

Just picking up my new to me 2018 Scr1100 and the prior owner did two things…

-Added the NRC tail tidy brake light with integrated turn signals, and

-Somehow modified the license plate bracket and stuck the plate under the tail and ahead of the rear tire. It’s a mess for the plate since it’s now almost horizontal.

I’d like to get a hold of the factory fender, subassembly and any other parts related. Maybe someone who did a delete and needs some room to empty their parts bin?

I don’t care about the fender color as I’m going to do a repaint this coming winter and go to Rizoma signals.

I know the full list of parts associated is lengthy, but I’d settle for anything I can get my hands on, with the upper and lower fenders, subframe and brake light most important.

I’m up in Spokane, WA. Happy to pay reasonable fees, cover shipping and if you’re close and need any service lights reset or accessories activated, I have the Texa computer and will throw in some service.

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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Will this one fit for you? Came off of a 2016 Classic!


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I have a parts bin from a deleted yellow Icon fender with about 300km on it by the time it was taken off. Located on Vancouver Island. Shoot me a pm if you’re interested and I can dig out the box from the deep dark depths of my basement.
PMs sent.

Still on the hunt for this from an 1100.


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Bump. Anyone with an 1100 SCR rear fender and lights have it laying around in need of a good home?

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